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Clever Egg Separator

Clever Egg Separator

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Yolk And Egg Whites Separator

Clever Egg Separator lets you separate egg whites from egg yolks with ease. Healthy conscious cook or avid baker, this Egg Separator is a handy kitchen and baking tool. Simply place the Egg Separator on the edge of a bowl or measuring cup, crack open the egg into the separating dish; the white will run through leaving behind the yolk in the dish. It's that neat and easy. Plastic, dishwasher safe.


  • Separate egg whites from the yolks one egg at a time, quickly and efficiently.
  • Crack egg, pour contents into the separator – use
  • Unit fits over the edge of most bowls or measuring cups or hold using the handle.
  • Sturdy white plastic with yellow accent
  • Dishwasher safe